“Who doesn’t love eating out? No dishes to wash, no table to clear, no arguments over whose turn it is to cook.

But, even better than just eating out, is discovering something special before everyone else. A place where you can indulge in great food and phenomenal (even if we do say so ourselves) wine, paired to perfection. A place that only those in the know have uncovered, where the tables are full and the atmosphere is light. A place to learn more about wine, catch up with friends – old and new – and maybe even go on a date or two.



Here at the Wine Twit we agree. It’s why we’ve created our Supper Club, a series of five-course dinners made by our resident chef, Maxwell Mckenzie, with wine paired to each course by The Wine Twit himself. Each event with a different theme, menu and wine on offer. You’ll never want to cook for yourself again.

Sounds like your kind of thing right? Book your tickets for our next Supper Club here or enquire here about hosting your own private dinner.”


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